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Topanga Canyon Gallery - "Which Came First" Combining the art and their poems

Only by Going Alone in Silence Oil 16x120 - Russell Hunziker

Only by Going Alone in Silence Oil 16x120 - Russell Hunziker

Which Came First?

Show runs July 31 – August 25th

There are so many ways to express ourselves, from language, visual arts, and music to a two year olds tantrum. We are communicators.

There is a theory that as humans we need language to express our thoughts and that if we don’t have language, we don’t have complex thoughts. There is another theory that says the language we speak, and the traditions of our community affect the emotions we feel. The way we talk or write about our feelings allows us to categorize our emotions, and express them in a way understood by our community. Would we feel the same if we couldn’t describe it in words? Or do the words suggest an emotion and therefore we take it on?

Visual art often evokes emotions within us, both for the creator and the viewer. Would we react differently if we didn’t have language to express these emotions? If the artist provides language intended to enhance the emotional reaction to the art - does it? Or might it evoke a different emotion? Does language enhance or detract from the visual?

The artists in the show “Which Came First?” at Topanga Canyon Gallery in August explore the concept of language and visual art together by pairing the art with poetry or prose. In some cases the art was inspired by the language. In others, the language inspired the art. In several instances the language explains the art – and in others it is the art that informs the language. Many of the artists have written the poetry displayed, in some cases prior to creating the visual and in other cases after. Other artists are displaying verse that inspired the work or further defines their vision.

It is up to you, the art lover, to decide if the language enhances the art or if the art enriches the poetry.

Come by the gallery any Wednesday through Sunday in August and take a few minutes to look – and read. Also join the artists at the reception August 3rd from 5-7pm, and experience for yourself the power of the visual, and prose.

Topanga Canyon Gallery

120 N Topanga Canyon Blvd

Topanga, CA 90290


Wed,Thurs and Saturday 11 - 6

Friday Noon - 8

Sunday 11-5


Later Event: September 7