"King Gillette Ranch Visitor Center Shady Courtyard" Acrylic 9x12
"Trees Among the Shadows" Oil 10x10
"Malibu Creek Morning" Oil 16x20
"After Glow" Oil 9 x12
"only by going alone in silence" Oil 16x20
This Grand Show is Eternal Acrylic 9x12
"Take Flight" Oil 20x16
"Morning Light Sycamore", Oil 12x9
"Liberty Canyon" Acrylic 12x16
"Fruit Trees in Bloom" - King Gillette Ranch,  Oil 12x13
"Gum Nut Babies" Acrylic 8x8
"Autumn Morning King Gillette Ranch Pond" Acrylic 9x12
"Into the Woods" Acrylic 8x10
"Autumn Along the Creek (Peter Straus Ranch)", Acrylic 8x10
"Trippet Ranch Meadow" Acrylic 8x10
"View Site Sunrise #5",  Oil 8x10
"Little Shed King Gillette Ranch" Acrylic 8x10
"Will Rodgers Morning Trail" Watercolor 9x12
"Carpenters Shed" Acrylic 9x12
"Will Rogers Carpenter Shed" Watercolor 9x12
"Passing Storm Liberty Canyon" Oil 9x12
"Spring Glory ( La Jolla Valley Trail)" Acrylic 8x10
"On the Road to Find Out" - Acrylic 9x12
"Spring Splendor, Pt. Mugs" Watercolor 8x12
Alisal ( Autumn Sycamores Peter Straus Ranch) Watercolor 8x12
"Alisal ( Autumn Sycamores Peter Straus Ranch)" Acrylic 8x10
"Cherry Blossoms King Gillette Ranch" Watercolor 8x12
"A Morining Walk, Palisades Highlands" Acrylic 8x10
"Leo Carillo Rocks" Acrylic 12x16
"Solstice Canyon Waterfall" Acrylic 12x21
"Grotto Creek Circle X Ranch" Watercolor 8x12
"Glory Looking Sky (Break in the Storm, Will Rogers Beach)"Acrylic 12x16
"On Golden Creek, Circle X Ranch" Watercolor 8x12
" '47 Ford" Watercolor 16x20
"Low Tide (Tar Pits Carpinteria)" Watercolor 10x14
"Century Lake" Acrylic 9x12
"Spring Meadow Trippet Ranch" Watercolor 12x8
"Clearing Storm Palisades Highlands" Watercolor 16x12
"Along the Backbone Trail" Watercolor 12x8
"King Gillette Ranch Meadow" Watercolor  14x10
"Trippet Ranch Club House" Acrylic 10x8
"King Gillette Archway" Watercolor 8x12
"El Matador  Surf and Rock" Acrylic 12x9
"El Matador Beach" Acrylic 8x10
"Forest Floor" Watercolor 9x12
"Rocky Oaks" Acrylic 8x10
"Little Shed King Gillette Ranch, King Gillette Ranch" Watercolor 8x10
"As the Evening Wore On" Acrylic 10x8
"Venice Morning" Acrylic 9x12
"Oak on a Hill" Watercolor 8x10
"Cooks House King Gillette Ranch"
"The Clouds are Hung with a Poets Eye" Acrylic 9x12
"Malibu Park Peak" Acrylic 12x13
"Another Glorious Day" Acrylic 12x9
"The Mountains are Calling" Acrylic 12x9
"Fire in the sky" Acrylic 24x18
"A winding road, Trippet Ranch" Acrylic 12x9
"Trippet Ranch Spring" Acrylic 9x12
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